“Since debut, Big Bang’s GDragon, TOP, and I have been members of an exclusive club. The name of our group is called ‘Nuthang’ which means a new idea that is who we are.” --- shyk
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Anonymous said: what are these posts? tagged with the FF somethings

sorry my tumblr has been hacked and i keep changing my password but they keep getting me ;~; i have to change my email soon o;

Anonymous said: do you hate junho as much as u hate jaejoong? :)))

sometimes I hate him even more than jaejoong that piss of shizballs i mean who has a french fry factory for a behind cum on!!!!! 

Anonymous said: What do u mean why suzy? :(

Ah you mean the pic with Suzy and mi potato?? lul I just don’t like seeing em together >:| 


thank you my dear kajoongie ♥ 

Anonymous said: Y don't u like l?

LOOOOOL it’s not that I don’t like him it’s just that I’m not really a huge fan of Infinite. I just mainly pay attention to Hoya and Dongwoo teehee *^* yadong fan 4lyfe