hi sorry if this is bothersome but would it be ok if you can tag your kris posts? ^___^

ORZ would you still like this? when i have the time i’ll try and go tag them all but if you want i do have a tag for the ones i posted myself so until then, anon!

Kim Jae Joong: Seni Seviyorum (I Love You) sdfdfdsfvbcvfs *-*

EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHHE (2bad jj is an old ahjussi with a wrinkly body)

I was wondering what themes and stuff you used to get your phone/ipod to look like this :) i(.)imgur(.)com/zgj7Kkk(.)png i(.)imgur(.)com/y6cjvNK(.)png

this wasn’t on my ipod / iphone but actually on my android phone! if you download an app called go launcher there’s a lot of themes and stuff you can pick for your phone 8) (ps. sorry for this late response i didn’t see it until now ._.”)

what are these posts? tagged with the FF somethings

sorry my tumblr has been hacked and i keep changing my password but they keep getting me ;~; i have to change my email soon o;

do you hate junho as much as u hate jaejoong? :)))

sometimes I hate him even more than jaejoong that piss of shizballs i mean who has a french fry factory for a behind cum on!!!!!